• Nixon Platform Scanners

    The Nixon platform is equipped with state of the art scanners. The platform starts building up your digital landscape using our inventory scanner to detect all of your internet-facing web applications. Once you’ve confirmed that the found web applications are yours, the security scanners will continue to examine the security elements that are important for you. While the platform initially focusses on issues related to SSL (validity of certificate, correct implementation and compliance to your company standards), in the near future you can expect more security areas to be reported. Think of OWASP-scans, CMS-systems used, known vulnerabilities and much more. In the near future, also the results of scans done by your preferred partners (for example Qualys) can be incorporated into the Nixon platform. This will give you the benefit of seeing all results within one single overview. Offering you the option to determine where you need to focus to eliminate high risks. Each scanner can be configured to your needs, ensuring you are provided with up-to-date insights of your digital landscape.

    Next to the security scanners, our privacy scanners will check for personal data and cookie usage of your applications. Combined with the results from the security scans it performs an essential risk analysis. For example when a website’s SSL certificate is about to expire, the alert is prioritised “Medium”. However, if the website also processes personal data, the alert on your management dashboard will be increased “Critical”.

  • Nixon platform Management Dashboard
    The Nixon platform offers an easy to use management dashboard. Here, all important scan results and alerts can be managed. Based on the applications in your central overview, the management dashboard will inform you about newly found issues, risks, prioritised actions and a health status of your digital landscape. The Nixon platform gives you full control of all your digital assets, without the effort, and no more lost sleep over digital vulnerabilities.
  • Integrations
    The Nixon platform is a modern SaaS solution that offers many integrations for both security and privacy scanners as well as for your internal support ticket system. The Nixon engine can process results from our Nixon scanners, but also from external API-based scanners! This offers you great opportunities to connect with your favourite scanner.

    All warnings and risks can be easily assigned to the people responsible, via our integrations with ServiceNow, Jira and Zendesk.